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The significance of acquiring new skills cannot be overstated in this day and age of lightning-fast technology breakthroughs and constantly shifting labour markets. In light of this fact, the Haryana Skill Development Mission (HSDM) has emerged as a catalyst for transforming the workforce of the state by generating employment possibilities and closing the gap between skills and the requirements of industry.

This article dives into the recruitment efforts that have been undertaken by the Haryana Skill Development Mission and demonstrates the positive influence that these efforts have had on the state’s economy and job market.

Understanding HSDM

Operating under the esteemed Department of Skill Development and Industrial Training of the Haryana government, the Haryana Skill Development Mission, affectionately known as HSDM, stands as an autonomous organization. In the year 2013, a remarkable initiative known as the Haryana Skill Development Mission (HSDM) came into existence.

Its noble purpose was to foster the growth of skill development programmes, enhance the employability quotient, and ignite the flame of entrepreneurial zeal among the vibrant youth of Haryana. HSDM, with unwavering dedication, has immersed itself in an array of skill development programmes, training centres, and recruiting drives. Its noble objective is to transform the state of Haryana into the veritable skill capital of our great nation, India.

Initiatives Regarding Recruitment Taken by HSDM

Programmes for the Development of Skills The Haryana Skill Development Mission runs programmes for the development of skills in partnership with a wide variety of industry partners, training institutes, and vocational centres. These programmes are geared on giving individuals with opportunities for sustainable livelihoods, boosting their employability, and training them with industry-relevant skills to improve their chances of finding work. HSDM guarantees that the participants learn skills that are in demand on the job market by identifying important industries and aligning the training programmes accordingly in accordance with those identified key sectors.

Apprenticeship Training: HSDM encourages apprenticeship training as an effective technique of bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the workplace. Young people are given the opportunity to get practical experience and insight into the working settings of the real world through apprenticeship programmes that are facilitated by the organisation in partnership with various companies. Apprenticeships like these not only increase the participants’ chances of finding work, but they also give businesses the opportunity to train up more knowledgeable employees.

Job Fairs and Placement Drives: The Haryana State Department of Manpower (HSDM) routinely hosts job fairs and placement drives all around the state. These events serve as a meeting point for job seekers and potential employers. These events bring together businesses from a wide variety of fields and industries, giving participants the opportunity to investigate a myriad of different avenues leading to employment. The Statewide Sustainable Development Model (HSDM) actively contributes to the reduction of unemployment rates in the state by promoting interactions between job seekers and companies.

The evolution and cultivation of entrepreneurship has been a subject of great intrigue and fascination throughout the annals of history. From the earliest days of human civilization, individuals with a burning desire to Recognizing the pivotal role that entrepreneurship plays in fostering economic growth, the Haryana Skill Development Mission enthusiastically promotes the cultivation of entrepreneurial talent through an array of educational initiatives, thought-provoking seminars, and invaluable mentoring opportunities.

The Haryana State Department of Microfinance (HSDM) fosters a culture of ingenuity and enterprise, empowering individuals to forge their own path in the realm of business. Through its support, HSDM enables the citizens of Haryana to play an active role in the region’s economic expansion and the generation of employment opportunities.

Influence on the Workforce of Haryana

The recruitment efforts that have been taken up by HSDM have had a considerable impact not just on the labour force in Haryana but also on the economy as a whole:

Increased Employability HSDM has increased the employability of persons across a variety of industries by providing them with opportunities to participate in skill development programmes and apprenticeships. Through the provision of industry-specific training and the imparting of pertinent skills, HSDM has improved the preparedness of the labour force, which has resulted in an increase in employment rates and a decrease in underemployment.

Workforce That Is Equipped With the Skills and Knowledge Employers Require Haryana Skill Development Mission has succeeded in producing a workforce that is equipped with the skills and knowledge that employers require by aligning its training programmes with industry requirements. Because of this, talent gaps have been narrowed throughout the state’s many industries, which has led to an improvement in production.

Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment: Because HSDM places such an emphasis on the development of entrepreneurs, many individuals have been inspired to become self-employed and launch their own companies. This not only makes new employment opportunities available to people throughout the state, but it also helps to foster economic growth and innovation there.

HSDM’s recruitment endeavors extend far beyond the bustling metropolitan areas of Haryana, reaching out to the tranquil rural regions of the state as well. Part and parcel of their comprehensive regional development strategy, this initiative holds significant importance. HSDM’s notable contribution to the state’s progress lies in its unwavering commitment to fostering inclusive growth and providing skill development opportunities to individuals from diverse backgrounds.


The Haryana Skill Development Mission (HSDM) has become an important participant in the evolution of Haryana’s labour force. The State’s Economy and Employment Scenario Have Benefitted from HSDM’s Initiatives to Implement Skill Development Programmes, Organise Job Fairs, and Promote Entrepreneurship HSDM’s initiatives have had a good impact on the state’s economy and employment scenario.

The dedication of the organisation to developing training programmes that are in line with the needs of the business has resulted in a workforce that is more trained and employable, transforming Haryana into a centre for skilled professionals. HSDM is well on its way to further empowering citizens, lowering unemployment rates, and driving economic growth throughout the state as it continues its work. Learn more about ssc chsl syllabus.


Q: Who is the director of the Skill Development Mission in Haryana?
A: Mr. Vivek Aggarwal, an esteemed Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer, currently serves as the Mission Director, leading the Haryana Skill Development Mission (HSDM). With his expertise and dedication, he spearheads the initiatives undertaken by HSDM to transform the skill landscape of Haryana.

In his esteemed position as the Mission Director, Mr. Aggarwal assumes a pivotal role in the formulation and implementation of skill development programs. Moreover, he diligently fosters partnerships with industry stakeholders, ensuring a harmonious collaboration. With unwavering dedication, he propels the mission’s vision forward, aiming to empower the youth of Haryana by providing them with enhanced employability and entrepreneurship opportunities.

With his exceptional leadership and astute strategic guidance, he has played a pivotal role in the triumphant implementation of HSDM’s initiatives. His profound influence has left an indelible mark on the development of the state’s workforce and the flourishing of its economy.

Q: Do enlighten me about the Surya scheme in the enchanting state of Haryana?
A: The Surya plan, a noble initiative spearheaded by the esteemed government of Haryana, seeks to inspire and motivate individuals to embrace the boundless potential of solar energy. Within the framework of this program, the government extends its benevolent hand to individuals, enterprises, and establishments, offering invaluable support in the form of financial incentives and subsidies, all with the noble aim of facilitating the construction of solar power systems.

The Surya scheme, with its noble objective of promoting the utilization of solar energy solutions, seeks to alleviate our dependence on conventional power sources. By embracing this visionary initiative, we not only foster sustainable development but also contribute to the preservation of our precious environment.

Q: Can you enlighten me on the courses for skills development offered by the esteemed Government of India?
A: The Indian government boasts an array of meticulously crafted programmes and esteemed organisations dedicated to empowering individuals through a diverse range of skill-enhancement courses. Among the array of skill development courses and programmes available, there are several notable options that deserve recognition. These offerings have garnered attention for their ability to cultivate and enhance various skills.

The Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) stands as a paramount initiative spearheaded by the esteemed Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. It bestows upon the unemployed youth the opportunity to acquire training in a diverse array of skills.

The National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) stands as a remarkable testament to the power of collaboration between the public and private sectors. This esteemed organization has diligently forged partnerships with training experts hailing from diverse domains, thereby paving the way for a comprehensive range of skill-development initiatives. Through its unwavering commitment, NSDC has emerged as a beacon of hope, empowering individuals from all walks of life to unlock their true potential and thrive in an ever-evolving world.

Within the realm of vocational education, there exists a network of esteemed institutions known as Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs). These establishments are dedicated to imparting knowledge and honing the skills of aspiring tradesmen in various disciplines such as electrician, plumber, welder, mechanic, and more. The primary objective of these ITIs is to cultivate a pool of highly skilled individuals who can seamlessly integrate into the workforce and contribute to the operational efficiency of businesses across diverse industries.

The Skill India Mission, a commendable national initiative spearheaded by the Indian government, aims to equip the youth with essential skills, thereby enhancing their employability prospects. This transformative program endeavors to train and empower young individuals, enabling them to contribute meaningfully to the nation’s workforce.


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