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Haryana Skill Development Mission

Haryana Skill Development Mission (HSDM) is an effort launched by the Government of Haryana in India to improve the employability of the state’s youth by providing them with skill development opportunities. The project was initiated in 2015 with the goal of bridging the skills gap between youth and industry requirements.


The Haryana Skill Development Mission collaborates with numerous government ministries, industry, and training partners to implement skill development programs throughout the state. Manufacturing, healthcare, tourism and hospitality, agriculture, construction, automobiles, and information technology are among the areas targeted by the mission.


The Haryana Skill Development Mission primary goals are as follows:

  1. Skill Development: Providing skill training to youth in many industries to improve their employability and revenue generation potential.
  1. Industry Collaboration: Forming alliances with industries and employers to better understand their skill requirements and coordinating training programs accordingly.
  1. Infrastructure Development: Creating cutting-edge skill training infrastructure, such as skill development centers, training institutes, and vocational training labs.
  1. Trainers’ Training: Organizing programs to train trainers and instructors in order to assure quality skill development programs.
  1. Placement Support: Assisting skilled applicants in obtaining suitable work prospects through collaboration with industries and job fairs.
  1. Entrepreneurship Promotion: Encouraging and assisting adolescents in starting their own enterprises by providing required skills, mentorship, and access to financial resources.


Haryana Skill Development Mission operates a network of skill development centers, ITIs (Industrial Training Institutes), and training partners throughout the state. The mission also operates several hallmark initiatives, including the Skill Sakhi Program, Skill-On-Wheels, Kaushal Mela, and the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) program.


The Haryana Skill Development Mission activities aim to provide youngsters with industry-relevant skills, boost their employability, and contribute to the state’s overall economic growth.


Who is the director of the Haryana Skill Development Mission?

Mr. Devender Singh is the Director of Haryana Skill Development Mission (HSDM).


What is the Surya scheme in Haryana?

Surya is a flagship scheme of the Haryana Skill Development Mission for short-term skill trainings, training of trainers, up-skilling, and recognition of prior learning for Haryana’s youth, with 100% financial support provided by the Haryana government.


What is the mission’s goal in terms of skill development?

The fundamental goal of a skill development mission is to improve individuals’ employability and skill set in order to satisfy the needs of the labor market and contribute to the general economic growth of an area or country. The particular objectives may vary based on the setting and purpose of the mission, however some common objectives include:


  1. Bridging the Skill Gap: The mission is to close the skills gap between the workforce and the industry’s needs. The mission seeks to provide individuals with the skills needed to fulfill the needs of the job market by delivering relevant and industry-specific training.
  1. Promoting Employment: The mission focuses on boosting employment opportunities by increasing persons’ employability. This includes providing training in high-demand industries, developing job-oriented programs, and linking trained persons with work possibilities.
  1. Increasing Productivity: Skill Development Missions strive to increase labor productivity and efficiency by providing specialized skills and information. The mission contributes to the overall growth and competitiveness of industries and sectors by improving individuals’ skill sets.
  1. Promoting Inclusive Growth: Skill development missions frequently emphasise inclusion by giving training opportunities to excluded or disadvantaged groups such as youth, women, rural communities, and economically challenged portions of society. The goal is to ensure that skill development efforts serve all segments of society and contribute to the reduction of inequality.
  1. Encourage Entrepreneurship: Some skill development missions also focus on cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset and providing assistance to individuals who want to start their own firms. This goal seeks to foster self-employment, creativity, and job development in the community.
  1. Industry Collaboration: Skill development missions seek to form collaborations with companies, employers, and training providers in order to connect training programs with industry requirements. This collaboration guarantees that the skills being produced are relevant and in accordance with current market demands.


Overall, the goal of a skill development mission is to provide individuals with the necessary skills, information, and resources to improve their employability, contribute to economic growth, and improve their overall livelihoods.

Haryana skill development mission courses

The Haryana Skill Development Mission (HSDM) provides a wide range of skill development courses in a variety of fields. These courses are aimed to provide learners with industry-relevant skills and increase their employability. While the precise courses offered may change over time, these are some examples of courses offered by HSDM:


  1. Retail Management: Courses focusing on retail operations, customer service, inventory management, visual merchandising, and sales strategies.
  1. Construction Skills: Courses in construction skills such as masonry, carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, and painting.
  1. Information Technology (IT) Skills: Courses in computer foundations, software development, web development, programming languages, database management, and networking.
  1. Hospitality and tourist Skills: Courses in hotel management, food and beverage services, front office operations, housekeeping, and travel and tourist management.
  1. Healthcare Skills: Courses in nursing aide, healthcare management, medical laboratory technology, patient care, and pharmacy assistant.
  1. Beauty and Wellness Skills: Courses in beauty treatment, hairdressing, makeup artistry, spa therapies, and salon management.
  1. Automotive Skills: Courses in automobile repair and maintenance, vehicle servicing, automotive painting, and auto-electrical systems.
  1. Agriculture and allied skills courses include gardening, organic farming, dairy farming, poultry farming, and animal husbandry.
  1. Entrepreneurship and Business Development: Courses that teach entrepreneurial skills, business planning, marketing tactics, financial management, and e-commerce.


These are only a few examples; HSDM may offer additional courses. To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information on the courses available, it is recommended that you visit the Haryana Skill Development Mission’s official website or contact them directly.


Haryana Skill Development Mission Certificate

Haryana Skill Development Mission (HSDM) awards certificates following successful completion of various skill development courses. These certificates aim to recognize the abilities obtained by individuals through the training programs. Certificates are often awarded to participants who have completed the course requirements and proven proficiency in the specified skill area.


HSDM certificates include the course name, duration, and skills learned. They may also include essential information such as the participant’s name, unique identification numbers, and the HSDM emblem or logo. These credentials might be useful for persons seeking job because they confirm their abilities and expertise in a specific subject.


It is crucial to note that the particular format and details specified on the certificates may change based on the course and HSDM standards.

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Haryana admission, skill development and industrial training department


To apply for admission to the Haryana Skill Development Mission and Industrial Training Department of Haryana, please follow the general admission process stated below:

  1. Go to the Official Website: Visit the official website of the Haryana Skill Development and Industrial Training Department to learn more about the offered courses, admission requirements, and application process. The website may provide information regarding individual admission notices, application forms, and standards.
  1. Select a Course: Choose a course from the department’s list of skill development programs. Examine the qualifying criteria, course duration, and any other requirements listed for the chosen course.
  1. Verify Eligibility: Make sure you meet the eligibility conditions for the course you want to apply for. Educational standards, age limits, and other prerequisites may differ depending on the course.
  1. Fill out the Application Form: If an application form is accessible on the department’s website, download or fill it out online. Provide accurate and comprehensive information as requested, including personal data, educational background, and any other pertinent information.
  1. Submit Application: Submit the completed application form together with any relevant papers such as educational certificates, identity evidence, and pictures. Follow the submission instructions, whether online or offline.
  1. Selection Process: The department will evaluate applications and shortlist individuals based on the criteria provided. Depending on the course and the department’s policies, the selection procedure may include written tests, interviews, or merit-based selection.
  1. Admission Offer: If you are chosen, you will receive an admission offer from the Skill Development and Industrial Training Department. Follow the directions in the admission offer letter, such as paying the required fees and submitting any further documentation.


It’s vital to remember that the admissions process varies depending on the course and the department’s policies. It is best to visit the department’s official website or contact them directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information on admissions to skill development and industrial training courses in Haryana.

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